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C-F Strong

Camden-Frontier High School


C-F Strong

Camden-Frontier High School

C-F Strong

Camden-Frontier High School

Camden-Frontier High School Boosters GO REDSKINS!

Boosters Home.

If you have a son or daughter playing any sport at Camden Frontier including elementary students, we invite YOU to join the athletic boosters club and become and active member in our community.  We help support our children, school, and community by purchasing athletic equipment and actively advocating for Camden Frontier's Athletic programs.  If you would like to become a member or become more involved please contact the school for more information.

Purchases in the Past Two Years:

Volleyball Nets & Frame

Softball Scoreboard

Baseball Scoreboard

Football Scoreboard


Wall Mats for the Gym

Weight Room Program

Track Hurdles

Our booster club has fun, does one large fundraisers per year and manages concessions.  This does NOT mean being a booster you work every concession.  We strive to work around your schedule and ensure that you will not miss any of your child's events.